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Keishla Ceaser-Jones
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By Keishla Ceaser-Jones | 30 Apr 18

It Is Better To Aim High And Fail

It was a beautiful spring afternoon when a colleague approached me after a busy day of...
Chris Gleason
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By Chris Gleason | 30 Apr 18

Memorization in Mathematics

I believe that one of the most important ways that teachers engage with high-performing...
Dan Kennedy
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By Dan Kennedy | 23 Apr 18

Earth Day – Changing How We Look At and Use Plastics

How are you celebrating Earth Day this year with your...
Michael Comer
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By Michael Comer | 16 Apr 18

Engaging Students with 3-ACT Math Modeling

What is 3-Act Math Modeling? Math modeling is often...
Eric Milou
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By Eric Milou | 11 Apr 18