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Social Emotional Learning in the Social Studies Classroom - Meg Honey

Social Emotional Learning in Social Studies Classes

Social Studies classes provide students with powerful...
Meg Honey
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By Meg Honey | 22 Jul
Road to Independence Day Quiz

How much do you know about Independence Day?

How much do you know about how Independence Day came...
Kimberly Waldbillig
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By Kimberly Waldbillig | 20 Jun
Meg Honey
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By Meg Honey | 5 Mar

Using EdTech To Foster Historical Empathy

One of many powerful scenes in the film Good Will Hunting...
Meg Honey
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By Meg Honey | 28 Feb

Why Voting Carries a Profound Meaning

A lot of young people are cynical about politics. We often hear that “it’s all...
Dan Shea
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By Dan Shea | 30 Oct
Keishla Ceaser-Jones
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By Keishla Ceaser-Jones | 30 Apr 18

How Philosophical Chairs Can Teach the Importance of Tolerance

With so much going on in our world today, there is a need...
Kelisa Wing
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By Kelisa Wing | 5 Mar 18

What does Inquiry look like in Social Studies?

What does inquiry look like?  Though often used,...
Kathy Swan
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By Kathy Swan | 8 Nov 17
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