Dual Enrollment – New Resources for Instructors

Jennifer Halcomb
Jennifer Halcomb
5 Sep
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I love back-to-school time at my house … new backpacks, new supplies, new routines, and new opportunities for my kids to grow and learn. New is fresh. Exciting. Better.

This year I’m thrilled to announce something brand-new from Pearson just in time for the back-to-school season! A new suite of tools and services designed just for dual-enrollment instructors — to help you stay informed and in control.

You’ve told us what you needed to achieve success using your Pearson products. We listened to you, and we heard you.

Building from your comments and suggestions, we created the following resources to smooth your path to success in teaching your dual-enrollment courses.

Customer Handbook

The Dual Enrollment Customer Handbook is a short downloadable PDF that walks you through the preview, purchase, and registration of Pearson online products. It also features a “Getting Started” section with links to Quick Start Guides and instructor and student registration instructions for MyLab, Mastering, Revel, and VitalSource products. 

New, Updated Website

The information and resources presented in the Dual Enrollment Customer Handbook are also available online on the newly expanded Dual enrollment programs website. Both sources contain the same procedures and links, so you have the same access to these resources whether you prefer them in printed PDFs or displayed on your phone.

The “Customer Success Journey”

Starting the Customer Success Journey opens a relationship between you and the Pearson Customer Success Team. From the very first step, our team will be in regular contact with you, providing the occasional set of instructions; sharing tips, tricks, and helpful links; presenting best practices contributed by other faculty around the country; and inviting you to free online webinars and virtual meetings. We look forward to engaging with you!

Click on the Customer Success Journey link to put yourself in regular contact with the Pearson Customer Success Team. They will strive to deliver the information you need to successfully manage your course, when you need it.

Hope these new resources help you have a smooth and successful back to school!

Learn more about Pearson Dual Enrollment Programs Today! 


Jennifer Halcomb

Jennifer Halcomb is the Director of Customer Success Specialists at Pearson Higher Education. She has 17 years of experience working with Educators using Pearson digital solutions and is passionate about making sure instructors feel confident and successful in their implementations of Pearson technologies. When not at work, Jennifer and her husband Doug are busy parenting their two kids who she hopes someday will take full advantage of the Dual Enrollment opportunities her school district makes available. You can reach Jennifer at CustomerSuccessK12HECW@pearson.com.

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Dual Enrollment – New Resources for Instructors

I love back-to-school time at my house … new backpacks,...
Jennifer Halcomb
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