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6 Ways To Fit In Your Read Aloud

As teachers we are often caught in the struggle of trying to fit so many things into our...
Becca Foxwell
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By Becca Foxwell | 4 Sep

4 Ways ESSA Has Changed School Improvement

This fall, States will post lists of public schools needing...
Grace Stopani
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By Grace Stopani | 28 Aug

Listening To Students’ Mathematical Ideas

I have the pleasure of working with and learning from...
Zachary Champagne
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By Zachary Champagne | 27 Aug

4 Ways To Inspire Your Students This School Year

I love my children dearly. They are both so different in...
Kelisa Wing
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By Kelisa Wing | 20 Aug

Getting to Know the Brains of Your Students

The summer always seems so long and full of possibility...
Megan Howe
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By Megan Howe | 13 Aug
Donald Bear
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By Donald Bear | 13 Aug

We Can’t Have Equity Without Love

I come from nothing. I was reminded of this at a tense board meeting in which a member...
Abdul Wright
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By Abdul Wright | 8 Aug
Kelisa Wing
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By Kelisa Wing | 30 Jul