Practice Buddy in Action

Pearson Practice Buddy in Action - Thomas Dennison
Thomas Dennison
Thomas Dennison
21 May
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I love the “Practice Buddy” and “Quick Check” pieces of our enVisionMath program.  I can customize which problems students get and it grades them for me and keeps record.  The ‘Practice Buddy” is my favorite because if students miss the problem it gives them multiple chances to try it and learn from their mistakes AND when students work with each other their problems are the same concept but different numbers.  It ensures that they can’t cheat off each other but they can help each other. By the time I get to a pair of students working to check on them, they have already problem-solved it themselves. That’s how you build problem solvers.


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Thomas Dennison - Havre de Grace Elementary

Thomas Dennison is a 5th grade teacher, serving at Havre de Grace Elementary in HdG, Maryland.  He has also taught kindergarten, 3rdand 4th grade and intends to stay in the classroom for 30 years.  Thomas believes schools should be built on hope and believes it is their role to help each student figure out who they uniquely are.  He works to make sure that each day can be fun and challenging, not either or. Thomas believes in the power of beards, the balance between chaos and control and the comfort of a worn-out pair of Cons.  He has a master’s degree in Educational Computer Technology and a bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education both from Ohio University. Thomas is a National Milken Award winner and Milken Unsung Heroes Fellow.  You can follow him on Instagram @mrdennison5th to see how each day can have its own piece of awesome.

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