Words Their Way Wednesdays

Words Their Way Wednesday - Digital Sorts with Words Their Way Classroom
Kimberly Waldbillig
Kimberly Waldbillig
16 Sep
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We love seeing educators working with students and our Words Their Way Classroom program. Here are some of our favorite tweets this month.

Share your students’ experiences on Twitter with #WordsTheirWay and mention @PearsonPreK12.

Did you know the new Words Their Way Classroom program offers digital sorts as well as hands-on activities?

We love to see literacy and word study bridging disciplines! 👏Way to go Mrs. Kirch!


Hands-on sorts with color pictures can be lots of fun. Learn more about the different types of sorts.

What’s a blind sort, you ask? Students listen while their partner calls out the word, then point to the correct category!

Lights, camera, action in Miss Schott’s classroom! Explore more #WordsTheirWay 👀

Total sort goals, Mrs J! 🙌 Try out a Words Their Way Classroom lesson from each spelling stage.

Ms. Garbowski’s class shows off their routine. Learn more about the scope and sequence of Words Their Way Classroom.

Find out more information and request a sample of our Words Their Way Classroom program for Grades K-5.

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